What do you know about Jin Ping Mei edition?

ring of Jin Ping Mei is so widespread that I believe everyone knows something about it.
The film maker is also a remake of three,
and one of them is something youve never seen before.
1:96 version of Asami Kannos Jin Ping Mei version should be the most familiar to you,
in which the male Pal Sinn is also a famous three star actor,
the story is divided into several episodes! 2: Han Hsiang Lis Golden Lotus,
a romantic affair Ed,
the story is novel,
one of the biggest bright spot is Jackie Chans inside walk on! 3: girl Pan Jinlian is still directed by Han Hsiang Li,
but the story is about Pan Jinlian when he was young! 4: Pan Jinlians past life,
starring Joey Wong,
the story is full of ghosts and gods color! 5: hate Jinping,
starring Irene Wan TVB series! 6: Water Margin road,
the same TVB produced TV series,
time and space shuttle plot,
Gigi Lai played Pan Jinlian! 7: the Water Margin joke,
Teresa Mo starred in a funny version of Pan Jinlian! 8: brothers,
Dalang friendship frie