Travel TV launched more

ring hen the partys news public opinion,
implement the general secretary Xi Jinpings 2.
19 speech and Hainan spirit of the forum,
the travel channels play only one of Chinas national tourism satellite channel advantages,
from today will launch a series of new programs,
more vivid China tell a good story,
spread the beauty of Hainan.
Hainan international tourism island film is the latest to break the traditional image and commentary,
with a new arrangement of Hainan local folk songs: firewood song do you often come to Hainan,
forever invitation,
with the atmosphere beautiful scene,
showing a panoramic view of Hainan economic and social development of all aspects of culture face,
highlight the charm of the international tourist island of Hainan.
From today,
the travel channel all-weather rolling broadcast the 8 edition of the Hainan International Tourism Island videos,
including 30 seconds,
1 minutes,
4 minutes and 6 minutes on average broadcast version,
amounted to 100 times,
and wi