Someone finally explained the Li Jiacheng in the world is how to make money

ring above the Tencent finance,
experience more exciting content of Li Jiachengs commercial acquisition in the second half of this year hit two blocking: last November to merge its CKI and electric power industry plan was rejected shareholder these days,
the European Commission has rejected the Yangtze River and Ji Industrial Co.
company (CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.
) acquisition of Spanish Telecom the company (Telefonica SA) British wireless operator O2s.
The deal has been called one of the biggest acquisitions in the world.
Superman Li Jiachengs magic seems to be disappearing a little.
But do you want to erase his worldwide influence? Its still a bit early.
The 87 year old tycoons company operates in more than 50 countries.
Although listed in the Bloomberg billionaires index in Asias richest race,
he and Ma Yun Wang Jianlin between nanfenbozhong.
But on a global scale,
he still ranks twenty-fourth in the global rich throne,
over investment predators George,
and Microsofts former CEO S