Recruitment of senior sales managers, agents, channel managers, interns, etc.

ring f recruitment,
selection on the number of technology,
technology and beauty (AdxData),
is committed to creating a complete data-driven marketing platform,
the Department of Chinas professional digital marketing platform provider of the whole chain.
Domestic A shares of Listed Companies in the first ten million investment.
The United States,
4 lines of construction as the foundation,
through leading advertising technology and rich data processing experience,
will purchase procedures to get through the whole process,
to provide independent automatedintelligent one-stop unified digital marketing platform - the United States number ATD+ for the advertising agency.
At the same time by the number of exclusive research and development AdVision (advertising radar) function,
through the web crawler technology,
dynamic content monitoring code non crawl,
can accurately analyze the advertising display screen location and environment,
so as to effectively evaluate advertising visibilit