Oracle boss believes it's not easy for me to spend all my money

ring  Larry Allison,
founder of the self-made billionaire and founder of the Oracle Corp,
delivered an interesting and sharp speech at University of Southern California.
When I was your age,
I dreamed of studying medicine here,
Allison said.
a student of the past,
has been to University of Illinois,
University of Chicago,
University of Southern California,
but he has dropped out of school.
He studied computer science so that he could find work in the high-tech industries in the San Francisco Bay area.
Then he built the Oracle Corp and created a new database to lead it to one of the worlds largest software companies.
He was born in the middle class family,
and now he is the seventh richest man in the world.
To see Allison in the speech of the selection: life is not always money,
to some extent,
you cannot use the money this thing.
Believe me,
I tried.
Allison spends money like water,
but famous cars,
art works,
and even an island in Hawaii.
When people say you ar