Men can not be less nutritious five elements, you made up enough?

cle (amy6562) --- health is the first wealth of life! Health is a state of mind! Know something about your health,
your body and your own decisions! Modern men's work pressure and life pressure more and more big,
usually must pay attention to supplement nutrition.
What kind of nutrition do male friends need to supplement in life? The following five male friends need to fill the nutrition,
we hope to help everyone.
Nutrition is one of the five elements of male friends most men need to add to add vitamin B6 and folic acid vitamin B6 and folic acid supplements is the indispensable man,
including vitamin B6 and folic acid helps decompose homocysteine,
homocysteine and is also one of the risk factors for heart disease,
so this study contributes to heart disease.
Two male friends to supplement n