How are the most powerful men seeking their first lady?

ring  had a vintage elegance,
first awakening interest in the opposite sex,
also have a new romance.
Washington (the first president of the United States) and Martha - Washington and Martha in 1758,
Martha was 27 years old,
just lost her first husband,
very rich.
At that time,
Washington is also 27 years old,
although it is Virginia,
militia Colonel,
display outstanding political ability,
but still penniless.
The two of them by the state of Virginia,
society circle meeting.
Washington immediately wooed Martha - the process went well; they married in January 1759.
At the time,
the marriage is considered the interests of marriage but each one takes what he needs,
they still live happily together for 41 years.
(the wedding,
at the time of Marthas plantation was called the White House) John (the sixth president of the United States) and Louisa Louisa Louisa - Catherine was born in London in 1779,
when she and John Adams met in Frances housing.
John was 12 years old,
and Louisa was only 4.
When the t