Before the stock market off the rumor, by cross-border certain rumors, squeezing foam

ring though market rumors are all know will see the outcome on Friday,
but the action has already burst bubbles more flowering.
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policy is always linked to see,
in order to understand the meaning of it.
If the Commission suspended stocks return rumors still looked like an isolated event,
then the incoming authorities in the peoples Daily propaganda stocks,
the market return to their respective functions,
not as simple as the growth means,
plus the Commission halted cross-border fixed gain the rumors of the four industry,
the market finally to regulatory intent has suddenly: this is the next big chess.
May 13th news conference,
the Commission spokesman Deng Ge rumors of cross-border set by rumors.
He said: at present,
refinancing and mergers and acquisitions related regulations and policies without any changes.
In the future,
if there are changes and ad