200 million and 4 billion, why is the gap between Fan Bingbing and Zhao Wei so big?

ring i Zhongbo source: ID:gh_d395746a380b decision,
the original title is marry: you learn Fan Bingbing,
but Zhao Wei can not learn.
Pattern: the next ten years is the era of cross-border resources integration,
a persons success boundaries,
depending on the height of thinking; a great degree of enterprise depends on the breadth and breadth of entrepreneurial thinking pattern.
In 2015,
Fan Bingbing made 200 million of commercials,
and Zhao Weis income was 4 billion.
Why is the gap so big? The answer is in a picture in the text.
Not long ago,
in the struggle auditorium,
keynote speakers,
brand marketing expert Li Guangdou gave two figures,
200 million and 4 billion,
I have been studying cross-border resource integration,
so use these two figures to use.
Fan Bingbing last year after advertising income after tax is 2 hundred million,
if this figure is accurate,
I have something to say.
Last year,
Fan Bingbings fire incident was that she and Li Chen happy together,
which is a combination of